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Burning Girl Productions was created by the team who launched the iconic Alt. label DRESSED TO KILL in the late 90's. The name has changed to protect the innocent but the ethic remains very much intact. With an eye for the bizarre and an emphasis on the eclectic, Burning Girl has built up a huge roster of rare and challenging recordings that range from early Billie Holiday to sub culture stars like Mary Magdelena and The Swarf Sisters.

All of these tracks can be found and purchased as MP3's through mainstream platforms like itunes, Amazon, Spotify and many others. Links to the items are provided here on the site for your convenience.

You will also find features on music genres, lifestyle and artists as well as other bits of irrelevant and irreverent junk!

We are always interested in thoughts, opinions and acquiring new product that fits the bill, so if you wish to share anything, drop us a line at:





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Cable Guy

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Walk on by

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