It's another big hit for the BRIT School. Following in the fine tradition of Amy Winehouse, Adele, Imogen Heap, Leona Lewis et al, that extraordinary South London Home For Peculiar Children serves up its greatest potential gem to date. Step forward - Bella.

She's seventeen, gorgeous and fortune would have it, daughter of top London music producer, Tim Barton. Indeed it is in large part, Tim who we have to thank for this wonderful discovery.

Tim has dished up some of our biggest selling records, not least of which his Peaky Blinders Theme song, Red Right Hand which is now creeping toward a quarter of a million streams. With this kind of portfolio it goes without saying that one is gonna take notice when he calls up and says....'ere, have a listen to this!'. That was Bella's first demo recording of a song called 'Reflections'.

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