​​Welcome to Burning Girl Productions where the heat is hot, the ground is dry but the the air is full of sound!

Many thanks for finding your way here. You are now on the doorstep of Europe's finest and fastest growing CULT GENRE music label. Burning Girl is home to some of the darkest, demented and down right delirious ditties ever committed to ...er MP3.

You will now find our product on all the main download platforms including Spotify, Amazon, Deezer and ITunes.

Across the ever expanding catalogue we offer a richly diverse blend of songs and artists. 

Check out our licensing page as many of our tracks are available for third party projects worldwide. Select from a broad genre base including Goth, Punk, Darkwave and tributes to Moods and Themes. 

In recent years we have devoted much of our passion to developing a roster of wonderful new talent like Bella Barton, Alixandrea Corvyn, Calli Malpas and Tim Barton

Bella Barton - The new single for Jan 2018 (Let's Spend The Night Together)
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