Welcome to SIREN SONGS, the home of our gorgeous original artists.

2016 has been a busy old year and we continue to expand our catalogue exponentially. Despite this frenzied activity in the boiler room we have found time to discover some truly breathtaking talents, and not being ones for passing on true beauty, we decided to create a home for these amazing artists. 

Siren Songs is our fledgling Original Artist label and has already kicked off with the critically acclaimed album, Red Right Hand by Tim Barton.

A year or so ago I bowled in to a Live Music venue in South East London. The artist on stage was belting out an Amy Winehouse song...and she was good! In fact by the time I had taken the dozen or so steps from the door to the bar I had already concluded that she was really quite exceptional.

A few months later, having stalked the poor girl around all the Gin Joints of Kent, I was fortunate enough to release her self produced album of contemorary ballads (I Cant Make You Love Me). Apparently, the public shares my enthusiasm as the title track has now clocked up almost a quarter of a million hits on Spotify!

Calli is now in the studio doing her hard Rock Thang and from what we understand Spotify aint seen nothing yet! (Read more here)

The Extraordinary Calli Malpas
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